MQ Specification - make: Toyota, model: Celica 1.6

Home / MQ / 1985 Toyota Celica 1.6 Cylinder bore 80,5 mm., MQ vendor, 2 doors, transmission type manual, body type coupe, redline 5400 rpm., torque net 131 nm., maximum power 3600 rpm.
  • Body: Coupe
  • Year produced: 1985
  • Capacity (cc): 1587 cc
  • Catalog number: MQ
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelBodyFuel TypeVolumeTransmission
MQ881998 Toyota Corolla HatchbackWagonGasoline1332 см3n\a
MQ821987 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1295 см3Manual
MQ8M1985 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MQ8T1983 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MQ891999 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1332 см3n\a
MQ8J1982 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1288 см3Manual
MQ8Y2000 Toyota Corolla G 2.2 Diesel AutomaticSedann\a2184 см3Automatic
MQ8F2007 Toyota Corolla CESedanGasoline1793 см3Manual
MQ8W2000 Toyota Corolla G 1.5 4WD AutomaticSedann\a1490 см3Automatic
MQ8I1981 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MQ8B2003 Toyota Corolla BreakWagonGasoline1364 см3Manual
MQ8Q1980 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MQ8E2006 Toyota Corolla CESedanGasoline1786 см3n\a
MQ841990 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1295 см3Manual
MQ8X2000 Toyota Corolla G 2.2 DieselSedann\a2184 см3Manual
MQ8G1979 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MQ8C2005 Toyota Corolla BreakWagonGasoline1364 см3Manual
MQ871995 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1332 см3Manual
MQ8S1982 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1288 см3Automatic
MQ851993 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1330 см3Manual
MQ8H1980 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MQ8P1979 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MQ8D2005 Toyota Corolla CESedann\a1794 см3n\a
MQ8V2001 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.8 Sn\an\a1794 см3Manual
MQ8Z1997 Toyota Corolla G6n\an\a1332 см3Manual
MQ8A2002 Toyota Corolla Breakn\aGasoline1364 см3Manual
MQ831989 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1293 см3Manual
MQ801983 Toyota Corolla GT CoupeCoupen\a1587 см3Manual
MQ8L1984 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MQ8R1981 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MQ861994 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1332 см3Manual
MQ811985 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1295 см3n\a
MQ8K1983 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MQ8N1986 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MQ8U1987 Toyota Corolla Executive LiftbackWagonn\a1587 см3Manual
MQ8O1987 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MQ281987 Toyota Century 4SedanGasoline3995 см3Automatic
MQ221981 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3376 см3Automatic
MQ2M1968 Toyota Century SedanGasoline2981 см3Manual
MQ2T1970 Toyota Century 3SedanGasoline2980 см3Manual
MQ291988 Toyota Century 4SedanGasoline3994 см3Automatic
MQ2J1982 Toyota Celica XXn\aGasoline2563 см3n\a
MQ2Y1977 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3374 см3n\a
MQ2F2001 Toyota Celica TSn\an\a1797 см3Manual
MQ2W1974 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3376 см3n\a
MQ2I1979 Toyota Celica XXn\aGasoline2563 см3n\a
MQ2B1983 Toyota Celica Supra AutomaticCoupeGasoline1988 см3Automatic
MQ2Q1973 Toyota Century SedanGasoline2981 см3Manual
MQ2E2000 Toyota Celica TRDn\an\a1799 см3Manual
MQ241983 Toyota Century 4SedanGasoline3995 см3Automatic
MQ2X1975 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3376 см3n\a
MQ2G2000 Toyota Celica Ultimaten\an\a1995 см3Manual
MQ2C1985 Toyota Celica Supra Automaticn\aGasoline1988 см3Automatic
MQ271986 Toyota Century 4SedanGasoline3995 см3Automatic
MQ2S1999 Toyota Century SedanGasoline5000 см3Automatic
MQ251984 Toyota Century 4SedanGasoline3993 см3Automatic
MQ2H1978 Toyota Celica XXn\aGasoline2563 см3n\a
MQ2P1972 Toyota Century SedanGasoline2981 см3Manual
MQ2D1986 Toyota Celica Supra Automaticn\aGasoline1988 см3Automatic
MQ2V1973 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3375 см3n\a
MQ2Z1978 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3376 см3Automatic
MQ2A1982 Toyota Celica Supra Automaticn\aGasoline1986 см3Automatic
MQ231982 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3376 см3Automatic
MQ201979 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3376 см3Automatic
MQ2L2005 Toyota Celsior n\aGasoline4293 см3Automatic
MQ2R1996 Toyota Century SedanGasoline5000 см3Automatic
MQ261985 Toyota Century 4SedanGasoline3995 см3Automatic
MQ211980 Toyota Century 3.4SedanGasoline3375 см3Automatic
MQ2K1983 Toyota Celica XXn\aGasoline2563 см3n\a
MQ2N1969 Toyota Century SedanGasoline2981 см3Manual
MQ2U1970 Toyota Century 3.0 AutomaticSedanGasoline2980 см3Automatic
MQ2O1971 Toyota Century SedanGasoline2981 см3Manual
MQM82003 Toyota Yaris 1.0HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQM22004 Toyota Yaris 1HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQMM1999 Toyota Vitz 1.5 RSHatchbackn\a1496 см3Manual
MQMT2001 Toyota Will VSn\aGasoline1793 см3Automatic
MQM92004 Toyota Yaris 1.0HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQMJ2005 Toyota Vitz 1.3 UHatchbackn\a1296 см3n\a
MQMY2005 Toyota Windom n\aGasoline2993 см3n\a
MQMF2001 Toyota Verossa 25Sedann\a2491 см3Automatic
MQMW2004 Toyota Will VSn\aGasoline1794 см3Automatic
MQMI2005 Toyota Vitz 1.0 FHatchbackn\a994 см3n\a
MQMB2013 Toyota Venza XLE AWDCrossoverGasoline2700 см36 sp. atm.
MQMQ2001 Toyota Will 1.8 VSn\aGasoline1794 см3Automatic
MQME2013 Toyota Venza XLE FWD V6CrossoverGasoline3500 см36 sp. atm.
MQM41999 Toyota Yaris 1.0HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQMX2005 Toyota Will VSn\aGasoline1792 см3Automatic
MQMG2001 Toyota Verossa V 25Sedann\a2489 см3Automatic
MQMC2013 Toyota Venza XLE AWD V6CrossoverGasoline3500 см36 sp. atm.
MQM72002 Toyota Yaris 1.0HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQMS2001 Toyota Will VCn\an\a1298 см3n\a
MQM52000 Toyota Yaris 1.0HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQMH2001 Toyota Verossa VR 25SedanGasoline2490 см3Automatic
MQMP2005 Toyota Vitz 1.5 XHatchbackn\a1491 см3n\a
MQMD2013 Toyota Venza XLE FWDCrossoverGasoline2700 см36 sp. atm.
MQMV2003 Toyota Will VSn\aGasoline1794 см3Automatic
MQMZ1999 Toyota XYR n\an\a1795 см3Automatic
MQMA2014 Toyota Venza XLE 4dr Wagon AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)SUVGasoline3500 см3Automatic
MQM32005 Toyota Yaris 1HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQM02010 Toyota Yaris HatchbackGasoline1500 см3Manual
MQML2005 Toyota Vitz 1.3 U 4WDHatchbackn\a1296 см3Automatic
MQMR2002 Toyota Will Cypha 1.3n\an\a1297 см3Automatic
MQM62001 Toyota Yaris 1.0HatchbackGasoline998 см3Manual
MQM12011 Toyota Yaris HatchbackGasoline1500 см3Manual
MQMK1999 Toyota Vitz 1.3 U 4WDHatchbackn\a1298 см3Manual
MQMN2005 Toyota Vitz 1.5 RSHatchbackn\a1497 см3Manual
MQMU2002 Toyota Will VSn\aGasoline1793 см3Automatic
MQMO1999 Toyota Vitz 1.5 RS AutomaticHatchbackn\a1452 см3Automatic