Code: MT Toyota - 1977 - Celica 1.8

Home / MT / 1977 Toyota Celica 1.8 Engine location front, inline engine, MT vendor, 4 cylinders, height 1640 mm., length 4380 mm., width 1330 mm., traction rear, transmission type manual, stroke 80 mm.
  • Body: (not found)
  • Year produced: 1977
  • Capacity (cc): 1770 cc
  • Catalog number: MT
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelBodyFuel TypeVolumeTransmission
MT881996 Toyota Cresta 2.5 Super Lucent FourSedann\a2491 см3Automatic
MT821989 Toyota Cressida 3.0i Twin Cam 24 AutomaticSedann\a2954 см3Automatic
MT8M1981 Toyota Corsa n\aGasoline1452 см3n\a
MT8T1984 Toyota Cressida SedanGasoline1972 см3n\a
MT891996 Toyota Cresta 2.5 Super Lucent GSedann\a2491 см3Automatic
MT8J1978 Toyota Corsa n\aGasoline1452 см3n\a
MT8Y1984 Toyota Cressida 2.8i AutomaticSedann\a2759 см3Automatic
MT8F1964 Toyota Corona RT40n\aGasoline1490 см3n\a
MT8W1987 Toyota Cressida 2.4 GLESedann\a2366 см3Manual
MT8I1957 Toyota Corona ST10n\aGasoline995 см3Manual
MT8B1970 Toyota Corona RT 80n\aGasoline1490 см3n\a
MT8Q1981 Toyota Cressida SedanGasoline1972 см3n\a
MT8E1973 Toyota Corona RT 80n\aGasoline1587 см3n\a
MT841993 Toyota Cressida Mark IISedann\a2997 см3Automatic
MT8X1985 Toyota Cressida 2.8 RSiSedann\a2759 см3Manual
MT8G1959 Toyota Corona ST 10n\aGasoline994 см3Manual
MT8C1971 Toyota Corona RT 80n\aGasoline1488 см3n\a
MT871996 Toyota Cresta 2.5 Exceed GSedann\a2491 см3Automatic
MT8S1983 Toyota Cressida SedanGasoline1972 см3n\a
MT851996 Toyota Cresta 2.0 Super LucentSedann\a1968 см3Automatic
MT8H1960 Toyota Corona ST 10n\aGasoline995 см3Manual
MT8P1980 Toyota Cressida SedanGasoline1972 см3n\a
MT8D1972 Toyota Corona RT 80n\aGasoline1587 см3n\a
MT8V1980 Toyota Cressida 2.2 DSedanDiesel2187 см3n\a
MT8Z1985 Toyota Cressida 2.8i AutomaticSedann\a2759 см3Automatic
MT8A1969 Toyota Corona RT 40n\aGasoline1490 см3n\a
MT831985 Toyota Cressida GLi-6Sedann\a1988 см3Manual
MT801977 Toyota Cressida 2000Sedann\a1968 см3Manual
MT8L1980 Toyota Corsa n\aGasoline1452 см3n\a
MT8R1982 Toyota Cressida SedanGasoline1970 см3n\a
MT861996 Toyota Cresta 2.0 Super Lucent FourSedann\a1988 см3Automatic
MT811977 Toyota Cressida 2000 EstateWagonn\a1968 см3Manual
MT8K1979 Toyota Corsa n\aGasoline1450 см3n\a
MT8N1982 Toyota Corsa n\aGasoline1450 см3n\a
MT8U1981 Toyota Cressida 2.0 GL Station WagonWagonn\a1970 см3Manual
MT8O1983 Toyota Corsa n\aGasoline1452 см3n\a
MT281998 Toyota Corolla HatchbackWagonGasoline1332 см3n\a
MT221987 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1295 см3Manual
MT2M1985 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MT2T1983 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MT291999 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1332 см3n\a
MT2J1982 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1288 см3Manual
MT2Y2000 Toyota Corolla G 2.2 Diesel AutomaticSedann\a2184 см3Automatic
MT2F2007 Toyota Corolla CESedanGasoline1793 см3Manual
MT2W2000 Toyota Corolla G 1.5 4WD AutomaticSedann\a1490 см3Automatic
MT2I1981 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MT2B2003 Toyota Corolla BreakWagonGasoline1364 см3Manual
MT2Q1980 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MT2E2006 Toyota Corolla CESedanGasoline1786 см3n\a
MT241990 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1295 см3Manual
MT2X2000 Toyota Corolla G 2.2 DieselSedann\a2184 см3Manual
MT2G1979 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MT2C2005 Toyota Corolla BreakWagonGasoline1364 см3Manual
MT271995 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1332 см3Manual
MT2S1982 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1288 см3Automatic
MT251993 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1330 см3Manual
MT2H1980 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MT2P1979 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MT2D2005 Toyota Corolla CESedann\a1794 см3n\a
MT2V2001 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.8 Sn\an\a1794 см3Manual
MT2Z1997 Toyota Corolla G6n\an\a1332 см3Manual
MT2A2002 Toyota Corolla Breakn\aGasoline1364 см3Manual
MT231989 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1293 см3Manual
MT201983 Toyota Corolla GT CoupeCoupen\a1587 см3Manual
MT2L1984 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MT2R1981 Toyota Corolla Coupe AutomaticCoupeGasoline1290 см3Automatic
MT261994 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1332 см3Manual
MT211985 Toyota Corolla Hatchbackn\aGasoline1295 см3n\a
MT2K1983 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1290 см3Manual
MT2N1986 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MT2U1987 Toyota Corolla Executive LiftbackWagonn\a1587 см3Manual
MT2O1987 Toyota Corolla CoupeCoupeGasoline1587 см3n\a
MTM82003 Toyota Avensis 1.8 Liftback AutomaticWagonGasoline1786 см3Automatic
MTM22005 Toyota Avensis 1.8 CSedanGasoline1796 см3Manual
MTMM2007 Toyota Avalon XLSSedanGasoline3454 см3Automatic
MTMT2007 Toyota Avanza 1.5 TXMinivanGasoline1495 см3Manual
MTM92003 Toyota Avensis 1.8 SedanSedanGasoline1795 см3Manual
MTMJ2013 Toyota Avalon XLE TouringSedanGasoline3500 см36 sp. atm.
MTMY2000 Toyota Avensis 1.6 VVT-i SedanSedanGasoline1598 см3Manual
MTMF2013 Toyota Avalon XLESedanGasoline3500 см36 sp. atm.
MTMW2000 Toyota Avensis SedanGasoline1597 см3Manual
MTMI2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)LimousineGasoline3500 см3Automatic
MTMB2006 Toyota Avalon XLSedanGasoline3458 см3Automatic
MTMQ2007 Toyota Avanza 1.3 SMinivanGasoline1298 см3Manual
MTME2010 Toyota Avalon XLSedanGasoline3500 см3Automatic
MTM41997 Toyota Avensis 1.8 EstateWagonn\a1761 см3Manual
MTMX1997 Toyota Avensis 1.6 EstateWagonn\a1586 см3Manual
MTMG2014 Toyota Avalon XLE 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)LimousineGasoline3500 см3Automatic
MTMC2008 Toyota Avalon XLSedanGasoline3456 см3Automatic
MTM72003 Toyota Avensis 1.8 LiftbackWagonGasoline1786 см3Manual
MTMS2007 Toyota Avanza 1.5 SXMinivanGasoline1495 см3Manual
MTM51997 Toyota Avensis 1.8 Estate AutomaticWagonn\a1761 см3Automatic
MTMH2013 Toyota Avalon XLE PremiumSedanGasoline3500 см36 sp. atm.
MTMP2010 Toyota Avalon XLSSedanGasoline3500 см3Automatic
MTMD2009 Toyota Avalon XLSedanGasoline3456 см3Automatic
MTMV1999 Toyota Avensis SedanGasoline1587 см3Manual
MTMZ2003 Toyota Avensis 1.6 VVT-i SedanSedanGasoline1598 см3Manual
MTMA2004 Toyota Avalon XLSedann\a2995 см3Automatic
MTM32005 Toyota Avensis 1.8 CombiWagonGasoline1793 см3Manual
MTM01998 Toyota Avensis 1.8SedanGasoline1762 см3Manual
MTML2006 Toyota Avalon XLSSedanGasoline3458 см3Automatic
MTMR2007 Toyota Avanza 1.3 SXMinivanGasoline1298 см3Manual
MTM62005 Toyota Avensis 1.8 ExecutiveWagonGasoline1794 см3n\a
MTM11997 Toyota Avensis 1.8 AutomaticSedann\a1762 см3Automatic
MTMK2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Touring 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)LimousineGasoline3500 см3Automatic
MTMN2008 Toyota Avalon XLSSedanGasoline3454 см3Automatic
MTMU1998 Toyota Avensis SedanGasoline1587 см3Manual
MTMO2009 Toyota Avalon XLSSedanGasoline3456 см3Automatic